We Are Non-Profit Team

Our goal is to reach the millions of needy all over the world who are suffering because of lack of medical treatment, food, education, good water, good environment etc. We continue to serve the humanity at large by providing the best care all over Africa, Asia, Europe, America and beyond. We intend to dedicate our service for other humanitarian projects including education and human rights.

Bahadur International is Proud to Collaborate with OLX Philippine for Christmas Carol 2018

BIF is proud to collaborate with OLX Philippine, which is Philippine’s largest marketplace online. OLX Philippine will support BIF in Christmas Carol 2018 as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.


Giving More Globally, and Less Locally

There was a lot of good news this week in the annual report on American philanthropy published by the Giving USA Foundation. Overall giving passed its prerecession peak, according to the organization’s calculations. Generosity in nearly every category was up, in some cases strongly.


Is Extreme Poverty Being Neglected in the U.S.?

Re “America’s Deep Poverty Problem” (Op-Ed, Jan. 25): My Princeton colleague Angus Deaton has done us all a service by pointing to the existence of extreme poverty in the United States, and especially the failure of this affluent society to provide adequate shelter for homeless people.