Help save Angela's life.

"HELP SAVE ANGELA" This is Angela Mathias, she is 6 years old and she is a child of a parent of poor means. Before now, she is known to be vibrant, lively and playful until life gave her a big blow, PLEASE HELP SAVE ANGELA!.. It all started four months ago, when she developed a growth that seems like boil at the upper side of her left eye lid, it was diagnosed a cancerous growth and now in a critical state. Presently, Angela Mathias has been admitted at general hospital Ghana and she is seriously and urgently in need of financial support to carry-on with the necessary procedures for her treatment and surgery. This child is in agony, yet she can survive this, if you don't ignore, but make your own kind donation in any capacity. Nothing is too small. "HELP SAVE A LIVE TODAY!.." "HELP ANGELA LIVE!.."